Outpatient Pediatric Therapy

United Services for Children offers outpatient pediatric therapy in group and individual settings for children ages birth through 12 years old.  Outpatient programs include: occupational and aqua therapy,  speech and language therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). United Services outpatient therapy accepts Medicaid and all major insurance carriers.

The therapists at United Services help children develop their gross motor, fine motor or speech and language skills. In other words, they teach kids how to talk, walk, play, listen, run and jump!

Outpatient pediatric therapy will advance your child in the following areas:

  • Occupational
  • Speech/Language
  • Social Skills

Occupational Therapy: Helps facilitate a child’s fine motor manipulation, visual perception, sensory processing skills, eye-hand coordination and feeding skills.

Aqua Therapy: Part of Occupational therapy, aqua therapy is an effective tool for developing motor skills. Aqua therapy is delivered in-house by occupational therapists. Children will develop a greater sense of awareness, increased mobility and strength, and improved sensory processing skills.

Speech/Language Therapy: Fosters the development of effective communications skills.

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA): Young children with autism often experience barriers in learning basic skills. ABA uses individualized treatment plans to increase a child’s skills and decrease challenging behavior.

For more information, contact our therapy department at 636-926-2700.