Family Support

Our Family Support program ensures that new families feel welcome and at home at United Services for Children. Additionally, Our Family Support staff provides opportunities for family education and training. Small and large group classes for parents, grandparents and caregivers are offered throughout the year. Support groups for siblings of children with disabilities run throughout the school year, meeting monthly in the early evening. Our Family Support Team is available to meet the needs of our families on an ongoing basis.

Family Support includes:

  • SIBSHOP – a sibling support group for children (ages 6 years and older) who have a sibling with a disability. Groups meet monthly throughout the year, offering siblings a better understanding of their families. Children learn ways to ask for what they want, and find friends who will listen. They have the opportunity to express feelings, and a chance to see their own special qualities.
  • The Incredible Years – an eight-session parent training program for families of children (2–5 years) who demonstrate significant language delays, have an autism diagnosis, or exhibit red flags for autism. Play and communication strategies promote children’s emotional regulation, social competence, language skills, school readiness, and relationships with others. 
  • Referrals – Connecting families to community resources or other supports.

For more information, please contact us at 636-926-2700