A family gives back

The Drohr family of Wentzville made sure children would have a clean place to play when the weather turns warm.

Tom and Sandy Drohr on March 2 brought their two sons, 13-year-old Aiden and 10-year-old Garrett, to help clean United Services’ outdoor playground. The family swept leaves and debris that had accumulated over the winter, when the playground is not in use.

“This place was really good to us,” said Sandy Drohr. “It gave our family a lot of comfort and support when Aiden was young, and still gives comfort and support to a lot of families every year.”

Aiden attended preschool at United Services nine years ago. Garrett received speech therapy at the agency eight years ago.

Aiden is preparing to graduate from the eighth grade. But before he does, Aiden’s school requires him to complete a service project. He and his family decided they wanted the project to benefit United Services.

They arrived last Friday afternoon with brooms, bags and a leaf blower. They cleaned off the playground equipment, then began sweeping and bagging leaves.


“We want to get this playground ready so the kids can enjoy it when the warm weather returns,” Sandy said.