Summer Groups enrolling now

Enroll now for our fun summer groups sessions!

Unlike typical summer camp programs, our camp activities incorporate occupational therapy, speech/language therapy and other developmental activities for children of different age groups. Children develop vital skills that will help them the rest of their lives. The program is designed to be so much fun that kids do not realize it is also good for them.

The programs run May 30 through June 16, 2023. 

To enroll or learn more information, contact Simone Walker at 636-926-2700.



For 3-5 year olds who will begin receiving early childhood special education services through their school district this fall or who already do. Focuses on building group skills to follow preschool routines, explores group sensory, art, music, and preacademic activities while developing language and social skills.  A 4:1 adult/child ratio and is led by an early childhood special education teacher and therapists. $150

Age 3—5 years                           9:00-10:30                     Tuesday and Wednesday


Monkeys in Motion

Theme-based activities facilitate gross and sensory motor skills. Kids will enjoy fun activities designed to increase strength, motor planning, and sensory processing. Led by an Occupational Therapist. $120

Age 2—4 years                           10:30—11:30                             Tuesday and Thursday


Food Exploration

A variety of foods are introduced and explored during this group. Occupational therapists use a fun, sensory based-approach to expose children to foods that might be challenging.  Children must be able to sit independently at a table and follow directions. $120

Age 3-5                                          9:00-10:00                                                       Tuesday and Thursday


Handwriting Helpers

Based on the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, children learn letter formation while strengthening executive functions including working memory, perceptual skills, and organization. Children must be able to sit independently at a table and follow directions. $120

Age 5—7 years                           1:30-2:30                                   Tuesday and Thursday


Speech Phonology Camp

Intensive speech therapy, with a low therapist-to-child ratio, focusing on improving the articulation skills of children with phonological delays (like velar fronting, stopping and cluster reduction) through fun “camping” activities and group speech practice. Prescreening required. Led by a Speech Language Pathologist. $150

Age 4—8 years                           10:30-12:00                   Monday and Wednesday


Vocabulary Camp

Intensive language program, with a low therapist-to-child ratio, focusing on increasing vocabulary and word knowledge for children who need extra practice understanding and naming words. Designed for children who are talking and have a vocabulary of about 50 – 200 words. Prescreening Required. Led by a Speech Language Pathologist. $120

Age 3—5 years                           10:30—11:30                 Tuesday and Thursday