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United Services for Children offers a variety of group therapy sessions designed to target specific goals. A variety of sessions are offered throughout the year for children age 2 months through 10 years old. Ongoing groups include Sensational Swim Club and BabyWorks. Groups offered on a seasonal basis include Vocabulary Builders, Handwriting, Social Skills, Feeding, and Monkeys in Motion (gross motor skills group). Please see below for the current group sessions.

Spring sessions run April 6 through April 27, 2020.

Must RSVP by March 30, 2020, for spring sessions.

To enroll your child, contact Simone Walker


Sensational Swim Club

Children engage in the water with their caregiver during the group session led by an Occupational Therapist. Peer interaction, safety awareness, strength, body awareness, motor planning and water tolerance/exploration are important components of each group. Children and caregivers are instructed through fun activities and games that are designed to build upon developing skills and carry over outside of the group. $150

Ages 3—6 years              4:30—5:15 p.m. (Thursday at Renaud Spirit Center in O’Fallon)


Feeding Group/Positive Mealtimes

For children who have limited diets due to sensory and/or motor deficits. Some children refuse to eat all but a few foods; others have restricted dietary intake due to medical conditions. This sensory-based program uses ABA concepts for behavior modification, based on principles and methods developed by Dr. Kay Toomey. Based on repeated exposure, children come to accept foods that are similar to foods they like. $60

Ages 18—36 months and 3—5 years              Noon—12:45 p.m. (Thursday at United Services in St. Peters)


Monkeys In Motion

Theme-based activities facilitate the development of age appropriate gross and sensory motor skills. Principles of sensory motor integration, Brain Gym® and Power Kids target coordination, strengthening and motor planning to build the foundation for higher level motor skills and postural stability. $150

Ages 3—5 years              11:45 a.m.—12:30 p.m. (Tuesday at United Services)


Wee Write

Designed to introduce letters of the alphabet and numbers 1—10. The Handwriting Without Tears approach is used along with sensory integration principles to focus on gross motor postural skills and fine motor skills for efficient grasping patterns.

Ages 3—5 years             1—1:45 p.m. (Wednesday at United Services)



A class for 4-16 month old infants/toddlers and their caregivers, with activities designed to target sensory motor, communication and social development. Most appropriate for children who may be at risk for autism. Typical developmental skills are reviewed and enhanced with ideas for carryover to home. Free

Ages 4-16 months              11 a.m.—noon (The last Tuesday of each month at United Services)